Anthony Torres - eMarketing Professional

Why Japan?

80% of all Japanese access the web either on their PC's or some kind of mobile device. 70% of them shop online. And how much did they spend last year? Over $64 billion. With the second highest wireless and broadband penetration rate in the world, you cannot afford to ignore Japan. As a web marketing consultant based here in Japan, I make it my business to understand the market, the people and the field. 

Know the Market

I enjoy writing and speaking about Japanese web retail and marketing. There is so much to tell! The knowledge and experience I have accumulated over the years have helped many domestic and international companies enter the Japanese market with as little pain as possible. The rewards are great, but if your business isn't properly prepared for the land mines in the world's second largest economy, you could loose an arm and leg. Come here to read about:

  • Japanese online advertising
  • Who are the big affiliate networks and how well do they perform
  • What obstacles await non-Japanese firms when selling their products in Japan
  • And much, much more!